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Analytical Space’s Radix Satellitel deployed from International space station

Deployment marks the start of Beta-testing mission for world´s first Hybrid RF-Optical Data Relay (2).gif

Cambridge, MA (May 23rd, 2018):  Analytical Space (ASI) made history on Monday at 4:44am when its first satellite, Radix, was successfully launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on an Orbital ATK Antares rocket as part of the OA-9 Cargo Resupply Mission to the International Space Station (ISS).


Radix is ASI's initial proof-of-concept mission to establish a data relay service for satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Their pilot satellite will be the first demonstration of a hybrid RF/optical data relay in space. By using its proprietary communications and data handling systems, Radix will validate its backward-compatible relay functionality. And by utilizing both its onboard high-speed RF and optical systems, Radix will also demonstrate its flexible downlink capability. 

Radix is currently inside the Cygnus capsule which is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station on Thursday, May 24. After docking, the astronauts will unpack the Cygnus capsule and later prep for payload deployments from the ISS airlock. Once deployed, Radix will power on and establish communication with the ground. Thereafter begins the ASI team's checkout and calibration activities in the lead-up to a demonstration of the optical communication terminal and RF crosslinks with beta tester satellites.


Justin Oliveira, CEO and Co-Founder, said, "Radix is our pathfinder satellite for the data relay service we are building in LEO. The testing we do on this satellite will help us de-risk and refine the design of our future operational satellites, which will unlock significant on-orbit data offload capacity for our customers."


On the potential impact of ASI’s data relay network, Dan Nevius, COO and Co-Founder, remarked, “as we add satellites to the network we’ll be able to significantly increase the utilization of existing and future remote sensing satellites and decrease the the time between data collection in orbit and analysis on the ground. We’re excited to enable missions with higher data generation rates that translate into data products with higher spatial, spectral or temporal resolutions or novel low-latency applications, all of which lead to more actionable insights for use across industry, government and research applications around the globe.”


Justin added, "I’m very proud of the Analytical Space team. In two years, we've gone from company incorporation to having a satellite in orbit that is advancing the state-of-the-art. I’m grateful for the team’s hard work and determination, as well as the incredible support we’ve gotten from our investors, advisors and partners.”

Depending on Radix’s de-orbit timeline there may be limited availability for additional beta testers. If interested in adding your mission to the beta tester waitlist, please send an email to Additionally, Analytical Space is now accepting requests to pre-book capacity on their first set of operational data relays - contact for more information.


About Analytical Space, Inc.:


Backed by MIT Engine, Flybridge Capital, Space Angels and other top-tier investors, ASI was founded by Harvard Business School graduates with deep experience in space policy and technology development. The team's background includes careers and experience at NASA, the White House, MIT, CalTech, Florida Tech, and Harvard. The company is advised by a blue ribbon advisory committee comprised of space, government and commercial veterans. 


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